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Jerusalem Marketplace!

Vacation Bible School is going to be AWESOME this summer!  Tori and her ministry team has been praying and getting ready for VBS for months!  We're so excited to see kids from grades Pre-K to 5th grade experience Jesus in a real, fun, and powerful way!  

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  • Loose, comfortable clothing for play.  
  • Hats and sunscreen.  Lot's of outdoor activities. 
  • Shoes with a back.  PLEASE, NO FLIP FLOPS!


  • Small snack and water will be provided.  Please, have your child fed prior to VBS.  
  • Nut allergy will be our only accommodation.  If your child has a food allergy or a preference please supply your child with a snack.  

Parent Involvement

  • Parent attendance is welcomed.  We do ask that the parent would stay with the child's tribe.  If your child is Pre K age we ask the parent stay with the child for the entirety of VBS.   

Drop of and Pick Up

  • Drop off at 5:45.  Celebration will begin promptly at 6:00pm.  This will ensure your child will join their tribe prior to the start.  
  • Pick up at 8:15.  Celebration closing may run a bit over depending on the night.