the FULL-time believer!

Dear Neighborhood, 

Let me share my thoughts with you on a devotion I read today.  It was one of those devos that slaps you upside the head with a "pay attention I'm talking to you."  

There are roughly half a billion professed Christians living in the world today.  It all began with 12 men who made a decision to follow Christ with full-time intentions.  The disciples were not part-time believers but took living for Jesus the highest priority.  During this pandemic it would benefit all of us to ask God, "Where do I need to improve?  Not for man, but for Jesus. What else can I do to demonstrate I'm a full-time follower?"  One of the questions in the devotion asked are you a hit-and-miss churchgoer?  I'm sure you know my answer was, "Dah...I kind of can't be."  But, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Yeah, but you're hit-and-miss with other stuff."  That was the slap part...OUCH!  I love it when God speaks to me that way it's how I learn.  It doesn't always feel great but I know it's God's way of taking me out of the comfort of spiritual apathy.  

Let's kick this around a bit.  What are your hit-and-miss areas with your walk with Jesus?  Sorry, (I'm really not) but I'm not going to be the only one God slaps today we're in this thing together.  Acts 2:46 says, "The believers met together in the Temple everyday."  Living for Jesus isn't a once-a-week thing.  We know it's a daily, hourly, minute, and down to the second thing.  If we can start with "everyday things" then the process of transformation becomes normal.  I was going to say "easier" but I need to stop asking God for the easier ways...we'll talk about that another time.  If we're hit-and-miss with the our time with God, or our relationship with Him then our transformation will take longer than it should.  I remember my Lead Pastor, Dan Bruce, asking me once, "How's your bible time coming?"  I was pumped and said, "Good, I've been getting some great stuff for Wednesday nights."  Shaking his head at me he said, "No, how's your bible time?"  Little did realize the time I was spending in God's word wasn't for my transformation but for the job as a Youth Pastor.  Pastor Dan knew and saw the gaps in my life that needed attention.  Whether we're doing it right, or not there are going to be gaps that need attention.  Only my full attention to Jesus, His word, and time in prayer was going to transform those areas in my life.  So, right there and then I told God I would never allow that to happen again.  See folks, it's the everyday things that add up to eternity.  You and I are never done growing, learning, or being disciplined in the ways of the Lord.  

The disciples took this new way of life very seriously, and made it top priority in their lives.  One of the greatest pleasures I get is serving faithful and fully committed believers at Neighborhood.  I also love the fact we're not satisfied with just being so-so but being fully committed to transformation each day of our lives.  If we don't take this life seriously I know of someone who takes destroying our lives ultra-seriously.  That's right...the devil does.  If you've been ignoring the Holy Spirit lately or you've denied access to Him then I hate to say it but the devil is getting the best you.  Here's something I haven't said in a while, "If the devil is throwing rocks at you, then find the "spiritual" rocks and throw them back at him!"  Know you're a child of the Most High God, don't be afraid of process, trust God, and you'll never have to worry about being a part-time believer.          

Blessings to you and your families...we love you all!                 

- Pastor


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