prayer request

We believe in the power of prayer here at Neighborhood.  Please, fill out this request form and we'll begin to pray accordingly.   


Pray for my mother Renee Allison. She is in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs and legs. She's also recovering from bleeding ulcers, and we are hoping the blood thinners don't cause them to start bleeding again.


My 5 year old, Austin, has been throwing up a lot lately. Thought it was just the stomach flu when he got it for three days last month, but now it has happened again almost exactly one month later. It makes his stomach hurt a lot, which we thought to be just constipation last time around, but now worried it may be something more. Will probably be making a doctor's appointment. Please pray for his comfort and healing and for us as parents to make the right decisions for him.


Mrs. Rikki has an upcoming test on Sunday, June 28th at 2:30. PLEASEEEEE lift me up on this day, it is sooo important to me to bring this to God and put all my Faith in him. To strengthen me and give me all the endurance for what I am doing! Thank you!!


Pray for my father who has been in the hospital for the past week , fighting pneumonia, heart, lung and kidney issues. He is struggling to breathe. It’s not Covid. Thank you for lifting him up. Myself and family could use a prayer too. Thank you