The lord is good

The Lord is good.

He provides what his children need; without fail he satisfies them.

He hears their groaning; he knows when they cry out.

He runs swiftly to their aid; in the day of destruction they are not alone.

The Lord knows the thoughts and heart of every man.

How much will he provide to those who trust him!

When the wind blows and the waves crash, they rest in the Lord.

They fear nothing, because in the shadow of the Almighty they make their fortress.

His wings are their shelter.

Why do you weep?

Why do you groan?

Trust in the Lord, and he will come to you.

Cry out to him, and he will surely return.

The desires of your heart will be granted to you, for the Lord knows who you are.

He understands your struggles and he knows how to provide.

Keep his commandments, obey his statutes, and you will live long in the land.

For the Lord desires to please his children, and he will not let the righteous go hungry.

Trust in the Lord, and he will come to you.

Rely on him, and he will bring his swift aid.