Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God.

Ephesians 5:1 & 2


Many of you may have seen the pic on social media of Krista becoming Momma Krista in the Vegas airport. It was a sight to see.  

It was only 10 AM and a traveling single-mom was attempting to wrangle her 2-year-old and 3-year-old while waiting for her second flight of the day. She had already driven three hours, survived a sunrise flight, and was now waiting to board again when her 2-year-old decided he’d had enough of Vegas and started a small riot at Gate 16B.  


Sitting next to Krista as we waited for our flight, I felt her momma-sense begin to tingle. Reaching into Mason’s backpack she grabbed one of his books and took it over, hoping it would help the Little Man and the desperate momma. I'm sure people were applauding Krista's gesture in their hearts and minds - I know I was. 


Now that Krista had involved our family with the giving of a gift. I began to think, “He has about four minutes max before that book is a causality of his airport misery.” As Krista walked back over to us, she gave me a look that told me she had read my mind. Agreeing silently, we started the clock ticking for when chaos would return to Gate 16B.  


Krista and I were dead wrong about the 4-minute mark.  Little Man got about 30 seconds in before he started climbing all over his mom like a jungle gym screaming, “DOWN, DOWN!” 


At this point, Momma Krista poised with her super-hero cape billowing, love sparkling in her eyes, and her hip prepped and ready to receive a child leaned in close to me and asked, “Can I … should I … go over and help?”  

This was confusing to me because I was thinking, “Since when have you ever asked for permission to be Momma Krista?” My response was, “What do you mean if you think you should? I’m surprised you dropped off the book and came back. Get in there and save us all!”  


By now the mom had fallen victim to a fully involved tantrum, the 3-year-old sister was  just chillin’ watching a video, and everyone at Gate 16B was losing their minds.  


As Momma Krista glided back over, I felt Gate 16B - and all the other gates nearby - breathe a sigh of relief. I even heard a child close by exclaim, “Look Dad, it’s Momma Krista!” The people of McCarran Airport were about to witness the loving arms and cozy hip of a professional angel.  


With eyes of compassion, Momma Krista asked, “Can I help you with him?” The mom knew she was dealing with a pro and gladly, without hesitation, accepted the invitation. Momma Krista put her arms out and Little Man leaped into them.  

Close in tow was Mason, of course. He wasn’t going to miss out on an adventure to an airport window, and neither was the big sister. As I watched Momma Krista with the kids, I felt the tangible relief of the mom who just needed a little break. Momma Krista entertained the kids while their mom shared the events of her morning.  


As Gate 16B recovered from Little Man's riot, I watched Krista imitate Christ. She simply saw the need of a desperate mom and responded. Jesus saw the needs of many and responded with love. He didn’t need an invitation, He didn’t need to pass a Covid screening test, He simply loved people and met their needs.


This Thanksgiving holiday let me encourage you with this.  In what ways can I imitate Christ more? How can I demonstrate my love for someone? Is my example worth imitating? What can I sacrifice to make another feel loved and appreciated?


The mom boarded her flight with both children behaving perfectly. Momma Krista waved good-bye as they walked down the jetway never to see them again.  

May God bless you this Thanksgiving holiday … love you all!!!


Pastor Jake  


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